With a lot of experience working on deadlines, giving form and movement on the screen to ideas, both myself and others, I have been working with the visual arts since I was a teenager. I started with pencil, paper and ink. And finished on the monitor, tablet and 3D modeling, editing images and VFX composition tools.

 I had been drawing much since I was a child. At 15 years old I studied illustration, anatomy and script in a comic book course co-ordinated by artist Daniel H.D.R., who at the time worked in the arts for the comic books of Megaman and Digimon. Since then I have done cartoons and comics for small newspapers in the metropolitan region of Rio Grande do Sul, and I have also worked as a freelancer for advertising agencies.

  At 23 years old I studied 3D modeling and animation. At 28 I started working in a television station, where I went to the art department and worked for 7 years. I also studied VFX on a course at Melies College of Technology.

  Currently I dedicate my time to work as a freelancer focused on Concept/3D art and CGI for the entertainment industry.

 Art has in time become my life's philosophy, and a passion that only increases. I am always reading books on the subject, studying new techniques and inspiring myself to the great artists of the past and the present.

  Here you can see the result of this philosophy and my search for constant evolution, learning and experience, immersed in the world of the visual arts, as a professional and human being, citizen of the world.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting.