Here you find some of my personal universe as an artist.
Parts of projects in progress, fan art, independent productions and my own. Or even productions in partnership with other artists, with the proper permission of course,
 Here dwells the chaos, that surrounds the creative process and ideas that do not fit the conventional parameters.
 If you regularly visit this site space, you will notice this growing chaos and parts of it evolving into something orderly, concise and definite.

 Welcome to Ninjahood.

Short animation film created and produced by me just to add a little fun to my portfolio. So watch and enjoy it ;)

Special thanks to Kelly Demo Christ.

Rateada Crítica
Rateada Crítica

 This is part of the storyboard of my first animation, inspired by a cartoon I created in my spare time while working on the television station.
 It's called Rateada Crítica.
 It narrates situations involving conversations between a rat and an ant, while trying to lead a good life by living in the house of a young man, who involuntarily has them as tenants. If you click on the thumbnails, the pages expand, or you can just enjoy the frames on the slide.